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  1. maryhpich says:

    Hi, Norani! I hope you are doing well. I was thinking of you lately and hope all is going well for you. We are all ok. Several of our children will be home this summer for a visit. I am still recovering but slowly at this point. My love to you, Mary Beth

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  2. Shadaan says:

    This world is a result of the human mind collectively. The world is what we think collectively. This human mind has created the world we live in and if you look back at history the world is a place that is scary and troublesome with its genocides, wars, cruelty, hate, abuse, slavery, intolerance and all that is bad. The term good is temporary and superficial because our hunger and desires are never appeased. The same mind that created the world also created a figure called God with its religious ideology in a book that has scary revelations with painful and evil thoughts when you read these. This limited mind has defined love but none of us know how to love, it is always a desire or a becoming in our minds whenever we act kindly and violence is our nature. We sacrifice animals for our religions, this God needs blood and flesh to appease its needs, this is troublesome. What the mind has created is limited and troublesome, seems like we are trapped in some web of sorrow and pain. Do you think that this limited mind has created a limited God that all rteligionms follow? By the way if you people who are trying to go to heaven what would you do in heaven? There is no fulfilling of our desires like we do on earth therefore what will you do and won’t you feel bored and tired? I will add a poem for you reading pleasure.
    Hear, O Baber Mir
    Foolish is the Faqir
    Who begs anything of thee?
    Whose own hunger has not appeased?

    Is our own hunger for all our desires ever appeased

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