Peace Ambassadors of BBA Batam

6th September 2015

Graduation of Peace Ambassadors – Training of Trainers in Batam

Thirteen Peace Ambassadors successfully conducted the 4th peace training at Bintan Bersatu Apparel factory in Batam this early September 2015. The participants were the first batch of  BBA operators.

The factory is owned by Bodynits Group, a Singapore company, and has around 1300 staff. One of its directors, Ms Lynn Tan was instrumental  in initiating this peace training at BBA. Her hope is not only to create a community of peace in the factory, but also to facilitate continuous learning of the staff and grooming of the leadership of local staff. She also envisions in bringing this peace training to other companies in Batam and BBA factories in China and Vietnam.

Closing4Since the 1st peace training that took place in February 2015, all managers and line leaders have attended this 2 day 1 night workshop. The Blue Ribbon, with the support of two Senior Trainers from Peace Generation Indonesia Raki Ali and Lian Fooks, has trained 20 staff to become BBA in-house Peace Ambassadors’ trainers. Its lead in-house trainer, Endieth Jaloe Prasiteyo was key in organizing and taking the lead in BBA in-house Peace Ambassadors training.

All trainers participated on voluntary basis and they had trained another 130 co-workers by now. The company hopes that 1300 staff will step forward to voluntarily participate in this peace workshop and community services.

The event has been very well-received by many staff that many had to wait for their turn to attend. The workshop was full with engaging activities, discussion and reflection. At night, the staff enjoyed BBQ session and watched movie together. They began the 2nd day with fun aerobic at 6:00 a.m. led by Ms Lia.


BBA co-trainers, Jennifer and Indah have also supported The Blue Ribbon training in Singapore in June year. Another two trainers, Joni Alfian and Lina Putri received scholarships from The Blue Ribbon and support from Bodynits to attend Young Interfaith Peacemakers Community National conference in Jogjakarta, Indonesia in August. There, they met other likeminded young leaders from all over Indonesia who have conducted many peace workshops and active in spreading peace among their communities.



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