About Norani Abu Bakar

A Malaysian, Norani Abu Bakar is currently a Post Graduate Fellow at Yale Center for Faith and Culture (YCFC) and her research work focuses on Muslim Christian relations and reconciliation. She is also the Asia Director for Pathways For Mutual Respect (PFMR), a non-profitable organization which vision is to forge mutual respect in a diversified communities. Her primary role is to set-up the Summer Institute program for Asia in Singapore.

Norani did her Masters of Arts in Religion at Yale University. She also holds MBA in Asian Studies and BSc. Chemical Engineering with specialization in Conventional and Nuclear Power Plant Engineering. She was a Senior Process Engineer and a Process Engineering Project Team Leader at Siemens Power Generation, Germany.

Ironically, after years of working as a process engineer, Norani bench-marked the home décor market scene in Shanghai by establishing the first Southeast Asian Life Style store there.  Later, she used her company to set-up Home Sweet Home (HSH) – an organization that runs a holistic intervention program for the physically challenged and orphans who were homeless in China.

The current HSH trainees, its alumni, dedicated management team, and volunteers have served thousands of homeless people and above age orphans in China, and draws partners and volunteers worldwide. Norani was not only the executive director but also the mother to the special people there. She was featured once in BBC and HSH was awarded charity of the year in 2007 by the Expatriate Professional Women Society in Shanghai.

Norani has traveled to almost 30 countries and lived in Malaysia, Canada, Germany, Thailand, China, USA, and Singapore. She loves people, faith and culture. In her quiet time, she enjoys reading, writing, cooking, watching movies, and cycling.


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