Formation of 1Malaysia National Culture in the New Regime

Published by: Australian National University – New perspectives on Mainland Southeast Asia 30th July, 2012. As we conceive of a new regime in Malaysia, there are various ideas for a new political structure which must be articulated further.  One of these, that of a two-party political system having great potential for transforming Malaysia’s current democracy […]

Engaging Community Beyond Interfaith Dialogue (1)

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Pre-Interfaith Dialogue Initiative – Befriending Each Other Religious leaders at the Islamic Christian Summit. (AP Photo/Corrado Giambalvo) The director of Harvard Pluralism project, Professor Diana Eck asserts that global developments have brought together faith communities in new and exciting religious encounters.[1] These encounters vary in each community. What seems to be in vogue and agreed […]

War or Reconciliation (Part 4)

David L. Johnston Response to Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Tale of “Christophobia” Published by Peace Catalyst International website Last week I happened to see Newsweek’s cover article, The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World, and read it immediately. My reaction: like Ayaan Hirsi’s other writings, it is less than truthful. Most cited facts are […]

War or Reconciliation (Part 3)

Skye Jethani Response to Hirsi Ali: Why Evangelicals Must Defend Muslims  Published @ Huff Post – Column on Religion/ Islam on 12th March 2012 Some Christians get excited when they discover that I’m half Indian or that I studied Islam in college. They’ll sometimes ask me to talk about how Christianity compares to other faiths. […]

War or Reconciliation (Part 2)

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Response to Ayaan Hirsi Ali – The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World? Historically, ethnicity and religion are two founding elements for the formation of political organizations and nation states. However, globalization opens door to interspersing of diversified communities into modern nation states causing fuzzier nation frontiers and contact zones. It is undeniable […]

Youths’ Voice on Loving the Environment

Loving the Environment, Loving Mankind? A message from Severn Suzuki from ECO-The Environmental Children’s Organization to the United Nation summit 1992 The Environment and Mankind Merriam Webster dictionary gives a few definitions on “environment,” and two of them are: (1) the circumstances, objects, or conditions by which one is surrounded (2a) the complex of physical, […]

War or Reconciliation (Part 1)

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Response to Ayaan Hirsi Ali – The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World? Women in Uniform in Afghanistan Reading Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s article on “The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World”[1] reminded me of my recent discourse with a Catholic priest from Indonesia who worked on peace building initiatives in Mindanao, […]

A Story from Thailand – Imam Yako Minha and Abbot Prakru Sopitpotikhun

Bridging the Religious Divine in Thailand  Fellows Fall 2011: By Andrea Wenzel November 30, 2011   Imam Yako Minha and Abbot Prakru SopitpotikhunPhoto: Andrea Wenzel   For our Geo Quiz, we want you to name the southern-most part of the Asian mainland. The answer is the Malay Peninsula. It’s the long finger of land that […]

My Story – World Christianity and Thanksgiving Day

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Shaded relief Map of the Mediterranean Sea – and its Basin and Landforms Professor Lamin Sanneh and World Christianity Four days before the North American Thanksgiving Day, I finished reading The Christian Movement in Islamic Perspective, chapter two of Professor Lamin Sanneh’s book, Disciples of All Nations – Pillars of World Christianity. I could not […]