War or Reconciliation (Part 4)

David L. Johnston Response to Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Tale of “Christophobia” Published by Peace Catalyst International website Last week I happened to see Newsweek’s cover article, The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World, and read it immediately. My reaction: like Ayaan Hirsi’s other writings, it is less than truthful. Most cited facts are […]

War or Reconciliation (Part 3)

Skye Jethani Response to Hirsi Ali: Why Evangelicals Must Defend Muslims  Published @ Huff Post – Column on Religion/ Islam on 12th March 2012 Some Christians get excited when they discover that I’m half Indian or that I studied Islam in college. They’ll sometimes ask me to talk about how Christianity compares to other faiths. […]

War or Reconciliation (Part 1)

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Response to Ayaan Hirsi Ali – The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World? Women in Uniform in Afghanistan Reading Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s article on “The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World”[1] reminded me of my recent discourse with a Catholic priest from Indonesia who worked on peace building initiatives in Mindanao, […]