Religion, Revolution and Two Languages

June 27th, 2011, by William F. Vendley   By William F. Vendley New York The elderly Venerable Tep Vong, the Supreme Patriarch of the Buddhist community in Cambodia, traveled to Jaffna in Sri Lanka in the midst of the recent civil war.  In a broken city under siege, he joined others — Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims […]

Engaging Community Beyond Interfaith Dialogue (1)

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Pre-Interfaith Dialogue Initiative – Befriending Each Other Religious leaders at the Islamic Christian Summit. (AP Photo/Corrado Giambalvo) The director of Harvard Pluralism project, Professor Diana Eck asserts that global developments have brought together faith communities in new and exciting religious encounters.[1] These encounters vary in each community. What seems to be in vogue and agreed […]

War or Reconciliation (Part 2)

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Response to Ayaan Hirsi Ali – The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World? Historically, ethnicity and religion are two founding elements for the formation of political organizations and nation states. However, globalization opens door to interspersing of diversified communities into modern nation states causing fuzzier nation frontiers and contact zones. It is undeniable […]

Interfaith Initiative for Peace – Indonesia

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Author: Norani Abu Bakar Published in: The Transcendent Thought (October 2011) for Interfaith Dialogue column. Research of Al Mustafa International College, a worldwide branch of Al Mustafa International University in Qom, Iran. The journal is distributed to 80 countries.   Muslims and Christians Interfaith Initiative for Peace Building: A Case Study on Indonesia Introduction The […]